Champions League 2017-18 Stadiums and Fixtures

Real Madrid beat Liverpool 3-1 in Kiev's Olympic stadium to claim their 13th European Cup and third in a row.  Liverpool blew many teams away to reach the final and for a long time it looked like Real Madrid were next on the list.

A cynical foul from Sergio Ramos deliberately took Liverpool's talisman Mo Salah out of the game.  In any other walk of life he would have been put in jail for GBH for trying to break his arm on purpose.  The game was put further out of Liverpool's reach with two unspeakable errors from their goalkeeper and compounded by a world class over-head kick goal from Gareth Bale, probably the best European Cup final goal of all time.

Below is a list of the fixtures and stadiums used for the 2017-2018 Champions League.

Group A

Fixture  DateStadium
Benfica v Basel 1893 Tues 12th Sept Estadio da Luz
Man United v CSKA Tues 12th Sept Old Trafford
Basel 1893 v Benfica Weds 27th Sept St Jakob Park
CSKA v Man United Weds 27th Sept Arena CSKA
Benfica v Man United Weds 18th Oct Estadio da Luz
CSKA v Basel 1893 Weds 18th Oct Arena CSKA
Basel 1893 v CSKA Tues 31st Oct St Jakob Park
Man United v Benfica Tues 31st Oct Old Trafford
CSKA v Benfica Weds 22nd Nov Arena CSKA
Basel 1893 v Man United Weds 22nd Nov St Jakob Park
Benfica v Basel 1893 Tues 5th Dec Estadio da Luz
Man United v CSKA Tues 5th Dec Old Trafford

Group B

Fixture  DateStadium
Celtic v PSG Tues 12th Sept Celtic Park
B Munich v Anderlecht Tues 12th Sept Allianz Arena
PSG v B Munich Weds 27th Sept Parc des Princes
Anderlecht v Celtic Weds 27th Sept Constant Vanden Stock
B Munich v Celtic Weds 18th Oct Allianz Arena
Anderlecht v PSG Weds 18th Oct Constant Vanden Stock
Celtic v B Munich Tues 31st Oct Celtic Park
PSG v Anderlecht Tues 31st Oct Parc des Princes
PSG v Celtic Weds 22nd Nov Parc des Princes
Anderlecht v B Munich Weds 22nd Nov Constant Vanden Stock
Celtic v Anderlecht Tues 5th Dec Celtic Park
B Munich v PSG Tues 5th Dec Allianz Arena

Group C

Fixture  DateStadium
Chelsea v Qarabag Tues 12th Sept Stamford Bridge
AS Roma v Atl Madrid Tues 12th Sept Stadio Olimpico
Qarabag v AS Roma Weds 27th Sept Baku National Stadium
Atl Madrid v Chelsea Weds 27th Sept Wanda Metropolitano
Qarabag v Atl Madrid Weds 18th Oct Baku National Stadium
Chelsea v AS Roma Weds 18th Oct Stamford Bridge
Atl Madrid v Qarabag Tues 31st Oct Wanda Metropolitano
AS Roma v Chelsea Tues 31st Oct Stadio Olimpico
Qarabag v Chelsea Weds 22nd Nov Baku National Stadium
Atl Madrid v AS Roma Weds 22nd Nov Wanda Metropolitano
Chelsea v Atl Madrid Tues 5th Dec Stamford Bridge
AS Roma v Qarabag Tues 5th Dec Stadio Olimpico

Group D

Fixture  DateStadium
Barcelona v Juventus Tues 12th Sept Camp Nou
Olympiakos v Sporting CP Tues 12th Sept Georgios Karaiskakis
Juventus v Olympiakos Weds 27th Sept Juventus Stadium
Sporting CP v Barcelona Weds 27th Sept Esadio Jose Alvalde
Barcelona v Olympiakos Weds 18th Oct Camp Nou
Juventus v Sporting CP Weds 18th Oct Juventus Stadium
Olympiakos v Barcelona Tues 31st Oct Georgios Karaiskakis
Sporting CP v Juventus Tues 31st Oct Esadio Jose Alvalde
Juventus v Barcelona Weds 22nd Nov Juventus Stadium
Sporting CP v Olympiakos Weds 22nd Nov Esadio Jose Alvalde
Barcelona v Sporting CP Tues 5th Dec Camp Nou
Olympiakos v Juventus Tues 5th Dec Georgios Karaiskakis

Group E

Fixture  DateStadium
Liverpool v Sevilla Weds 13th Sept Anfield
Maribor v S Moscow Weds 13th Sept Stadion Ljudski vrt
Sevilla v Maribor Tues 26th Sept Otkritie Arena
S Moscow v Liverpool Tues 26th Sept Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán
Maribor v Liverpool Tues 17th Oct Stadion Ljudski vrt
S Moscow v Sevilla Tues 17th Oct Otkritie Arena
Liverpool v Maribor Weds 1st Nov Anfield
Sevilla v S Moscow Weds 1st Nov Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán
S Moscow v Maribor Tues 21st Nov Otkritie Arena
Sevilla v Liverpool Tues 21st Nov Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán
Liverpool v S Moscow Weds 6th Dec Anfield
Maribor v Sevilla Weds 6th Dec Stadion Ljudski vrt

Group F

Fixture  DateStadium
Feyenoord v Man City Weds 13th Sept De Kuip
S Donetsk v Napoli Weds 13th Sept Metalist Stadium
Man City v S Donetsk Tues 26th Sept The Etihad
Napoli v Feyenoord Tues 26th Sept Stadio San Paolo
Feyenoord v S Donetsk Tues 17th Oct De Kuip
Man City v Napoli Tues 17th Oct The Etihad
Napoli v Man City Weds 1st Nov Stadio San Paolo
S Donetsk v Feyenoord Weds 1st Nov Metalist Stadium
Man City v Feyenoord Tues 21st Nov The Etihad
Napoli v S Donetsk Tues 21st Nov De Kuip
Feyenoord v Napoli Weds 6th Dec De Kuip
S Donetsk v Man City Weds 6th Dec Metalist Stadium

Group G

Fixture  DateStadium
FC Porto v Beşiktaş Weds 13th Sept Red Bull Arena Leipzig
RB Leipzig v Monaco Weds 13th Sept Estádio do Dragão
Beşiktaş v RB Leipzig Tues 26th Sept Vodafone Arena
Monaco v FC Porto Tues 26th Sept Stade Louis II
Monaco v Beşiktaş Tues 17th Oct Stade Louis II
RB Leipzig v FC Porto Tues 17th Oct Red Bull Arena Leipzig
Beşiktaş v Monaco Weds 1st Nov Vodafone Arena
FC Porto v RB Leipzig Weds 1st Nov Estádio do Dragão
Beşiktaş v FC Porto Tues 21st Nov Vodafone Arena
Monaco v RB Leipzig Tues 21st Nov Red Bull Arena Leipzig
FC Porto v Monaco Weds 6th Dec Estádio do Dragão
RB Leipzig v Beşiktaş Weds 6th Dec Red Bull Arena Leipzig

Group H

Fixture  DateStadium
Real Madrid v A Nicosia Weds 13th Sept Bernabéu
Tottenham v B Dortmund Weds 13th Sept Wembley
A Nicosia v Tottenham Tues 26th Sept GSP Stadium
B Dortmund v Real Madrid Tues 26th Sept Signal Iduna Park
A Nicosia v B Dortmund Tues 17th Oct GSP Stadium
Real Madrid v Tottenham Tues 17th Oct Bernabéu
B Dortmund v A Nicosia Weds 1st Nov Signal Iduna Park
Tottenham v Real Madrid Weds 1st Nov Wembley
A Nicosia v Real Madrid Tues 21st Nov GSP Stadium
B Dortmund v Tottenham Tues 21st Nov Signal Iduna Park
Real Madrid v B Dortmund Weds 6th Dec Bernabéu
Tottenham v A Nicosia Weds 6th Dec Wembley

Round of 16

Fixture  Date & TimeStadium
Juventus v Tottenham Tues 13th Feb Juventus Stadium
Basel 1893 v Man City Tues 13th Feb St Jakob Park
FC Porto v Liverpool Wed 14th Feb Estádio do Dragão
Real Madrid v PSG Wed 14th Feb Bernabéu
Chelsea v Barcelona Tues 20th Feb Stamford Bridge
B Munich v Beşiktaş Tues 20th Feb Allianz Arena
S Donetsk v Roma Wed 21st Feb Metalist Stadium
Sevilla v Man United Wed 21st Feb Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán
Liverpool v FC Porto Tues 6th March Anfield
PSG v Real Madrid Tues 6th March Parc des Princes
Tottenham v Juventus Wed 7th March Wembley
Man City v Basel 1893 Wed 7th March The Etihad
Man United v Sevilla Tues 13th March Man United
Roma v S Donetsk Tues 13th March Stadio Olimpico
Barcelona v Chelsea Wed 14th March Camp Nou
Beşiktaş v B Munich Wed 14th March Vodafone Arena

Quarter Finals

Fixture  Date & TimeStadium
Juventus v Real Madrid Tues 3rd April Juventus Stadium
Sevilla v B Munich Tues 3rd April Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán
Barcelona v Roma Weds 4th April Camp Nou
Liverpool v Man City Weds 4th April Anfield
Man City v Liverpool Tues 10th April The Etihad
Roma v Barcelona Tues 10th April Stadio Olimpico
B Munich v Sevilla Weds 11th April Allianz Arena
Real Madrid v Juventus Weds 11th April Bernabéu

Semi Finals

Fixture  Date & TimeStadium
Liverpool v Roma Tues 24th April Anfield
B Munich v Real Madrid Weds 25th April Allianz Arena
Real Madrid v B Munich Tues 1st May Bernabéu
Roma v Liverpool Tues 2nd May Stadio Olimpico

2018 Champions League Final

Fixture  Date & TimeStadium
Real Madrid v Liverpool Sat 26th May NSC Olimpiyskiy