Champions League 2018-19 Stadiums and Fixtures

Following Real Madrid's defeat of Liverpool in in 2018 it was the turn of the North West club to solidify their place as the greatest English side in Europe as they won their 6th European Cup in 2019.

The all English final between Tottenham and Liverpool at Atletico Madrid's Wanda Metropolitano was not one to be remembered, Liverpool winning 2-0 on the night with a very early penalty for hand ball, converted by Mo Salah and a late goal by Divok Origi to seal the win.  Spurs had little to give in reply.

The 2018-19 Champions League however will be remembered more for the journey, with Liverpool overturning a 3-0 semi-final first leg defeat to beat Barcelona 4-0 at Anfield and Spurs overturning a 1-0 home defeat by Ajax to win 3-2 away.  The campaign in fact had more comebacks than any other previous, making it one of the most spectacular Champions League's on record.

Below is a list of the fixtures and stadiums used for the 2018-2019 Champions League.

Group A

Fixture  DateStadium
Club Brugge v B Dortmund Tues 18th Sept Jan Breydel Stadium
Monaco v Atl Madrid Tues 18th Sept Stade Louis II
Atl Madrid v Club Brugge Weds 3rd Oct Wanda Metropolitano
B Dortmund v Monaco Weds 3rd Oct Signal Iduna Park
Club Brugge v Monaco Weds 24th Oct Jan Breydel Stadium
B Dortmund v Atl Madrid Weds 24th Oct Signal Iduna Park
Monaco v Club Brugge Tues 6th Nov Stade Louis II
Atl Madrid v B Dortmund Tues 6th Nov Wanda Metropolitano
Atl Madrid v Monaco Weds 28th Nov Wanda Metropolitano
B Dortmund v Club Brugge Weds 28th Nov Signal Iduna Park
Club Brugge v Atl Madrid Tues 11th Dec Jan Breydel Stadium
Monaco v B Dortmund Tues 11th Dec Stade Louis II

Group B

Fixture  DateStadium
Barcelona v PSV Tues 18th Sept Camp Nou
Inter Milan v Tottenham Tues 18th Sept San Siro
Tottenham v Barcelona Weds 3rd Oct Wembley
PSV v Inter Milan Weds 3rd Oct Philips Stadium
PSV v Tottenham Weds 24th Oct Philips Stadium
Barcelona v Inter Milan Weds 24th Oct Camp Nou
Tottenham v PSV Tues 6th Nov Wembley
Inter Milan v Barcelona Tues 6th Nov San Siro
PSV v Barcelona Weds 28th Nov Philips Stadium
Tottenham v Inter Milan Weds 28th Nov Wembley
Barcelona v Tottenham Tues 11th Dec Camp Nou
Inter Milan v PSV Tues 11th Dec San Siro

Wembley will be used for Tottenham's group stage fixtures due to delays in the completion of the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Group C

Fixture  DateStadium
Liverpool v PSG Tues 18th Sept Anfield
Red Star v Napoli Tues 18th Sept Rajko Mitić Stadium
PSG v Red Star Weds 3rd Oct Parc des Princes
Napoli v Liverpool Weds 3rd Oct Stadio San Paolo
PSG v Napoli Weds 24th Oct Parc des Princes
Liverpool v Red Star Weds 24th Oct Anfield
Red Star v Liverpool Tues 6th Nov Rajko Mitić Stadium
Napoli v PSG Tues 6th Nov Parc des Princes
PSG v Liverpool Weds 28th Nov Stadio San Paolo
Napoli v Red Star Weds 28th Nov Stadio San Paolo
Liverpool v Napoli Tues 11th Dec Anfield
Red Star v PSG Tues 11th Dec Rajko Mitić Stadium

Group D

Fixture  DateStadium
Galatasaray v Locomotiv Tues 18th Sept Türk Telekom Stadium
Schalke 04 v FC Porto Tues 18th Sept Veltins-Arena
Locomotiv v Schalke 04 Weds 3rd Oct RZD Arena
FC Porto v Galatasaray Weds 3rd Oct Estádio do Dragão
Locomotiv v FC Porto Weds 24th Oct RZD Arena
Galatasaray v Schalke 04 Weds 24th Oct Türk Telekom Stadium
FC Porto v Locomotiv Tues 6th Nov Estádio do Dragão
Schalke 04 v Galatasaray Tues 6th Nov Veltins-Arena
Locomotiv v Galatasaray Weds 28th Nov RZD Arena
FC Porto v Schalke 04 Weds 28th Nov Estádio do Dragão
Galatasaray v FC Porto Tues 11th Dec Türk Telekom Stadium
Schalke 04 v Locomotiv Tues 11th Dec Veltins-Arena

Group E

Fixture  DateStadium
Ajax v AEK Athens Weds 19th Sept Amsterdam Arena
Benfica v B Munich Weds 19th Sept Estadio da Luz
B Munich v Ajax Tues 2nd Oct Allianz Arena
AEK Athens v Benfica Tues 2nd Oct Olympic Stadium
AEK Athens v B Munich Tues 23rd Oct Olympic Stadium
Ajax v Benfica Tues 23rd Oct Amsterdam Arena
B Munich v AEK Athens Weds 7th Nov Allianz Arena
Benfica v Ajax Weds 7th Nov Estadio da Luz
AEK Athens v Ajax Tues 27th Nov Olympic Stadium
B Munich v Benfica Tues 27th Nov Allianz Arena
Ajax v B Munich Weds 12th Dec Amsterdam Arena
Benfica v AEK Athens Weds 12th Dec Estadio da Luz

Group F

Fixture  DateStadium
Shaktar v Hoffenheim Weds 19th Sept Metalist Stadium
Man City v Lyon Weds 19th Sept The Etihad
Hoffenheim v Man City Tues 2nd Oct Rhein Neckar Arena
Lyon v Shaktar Tues 2nd Oct Stade des Lumieres
Hoffenheim v Lyon Tues 23rd Oct Rhein Neckar Arena
Shaktar v Man City Tues 23rd Oct Metalist Stadium
Lyon v Hoffenheim Weds 7th Nov Stade des Lumieres
Man City v Shaktar Weds 7th Nov The Etihad
Hoffenheim v Shaktar Tues 27th Nov Rhein Neckar Arena
Lyon v Man City Tues 27th Nov Stade des Lumieres
Shaktar v Lyon Weds 12th Dec Metalist Stadium
Man City v Hoffenheim Weds 12th Dec The Etihad

Group G

Fixture  DateStadium
Real Madrid v Roma Weds 19th Sept Bernabéu
Plzeň v CSKA Weds 19th Sept Doosan Arena
CSKA v Real Madrid Tues 2nd Oct Arena CSKA
Roma v Plzeň Tues 2nd Oct Stadio Olimpico
Roma v CSKA Tues 23rd Oct Stadio Olimpico
Real Madrid v Plzeň Tues 23rd Oct Bernabéu
CSKA v Roma Weds 7th Nov Arena CSKA
Plzeň v Real Madrid Weds 7th Nov Doosan Arena
CSKA v Plzeň Tues 27th Nov Arena CSKA
Roma v Real Madrid Tues 27th Nov Stadio Olimpico
Real Madrid v CSKA Weds 12th Dec Bernabéu
Plzeň v Roma Weds 12th Dec Doosan Arena

Group H

Fixture  DateStadium
Young Boys v Man United Weds 19th Sept Stade de Suisse
Valencia v Juventus Weds 19th Sept The Mestalla
Juventus v Young Boys Tues 2nd Oct Juventus Stadium
Man United v Valencia Tues 2nd Oct Old Trafford
Young Boys v Valencia Tues 23rd Oct Stade de Suisse
Man United v Juventus Tues 23rd Oct Old Trafford
Valencia v Young Boys Weds 7th Nov The Mestalla
Juventus v Man United Weds 7th Nov Juventus Stadium
Man United v Young Boys Tues 27th Nov Old Trafford
Juventus v Valencia Tues 27th Nov Juventus Stadium
Young Boys v Juventus Weds 12th Dec Stade de Suisse
Valencia v Man United Weds 12th Dec The Mestalla

Round of 16

Fixture  Date & TimeStadium
Man United v PSG Tues 12th Feb Old Trafford
Roma v FC Porto Tues 12th Feb Stadio Olimpico
Ajax v Real Madrid Wed 13th Feb Amsterdam Arena
Tottenham v B Dortmund Wed 13th Feb Wembley
Liverpool v B Munich Tues 19th Feb Anfield
Lyon v Barcelona Tues 19th Feb Stade des Lumieres
Atl Madrid v Juventus Wed 20th Feb Wanda Metropolitano
Schalke 04 v Man City Wed 20th Feb Veltins-Arena
B Dortmund v Tottenham Tues 5th March Signal Iduna Park
Real Madrid v Ajax Tues 5th March Bernabéu
FC Porto v Roma Wed 6th March Estádio do Dragão
PSG v Man United Wed 6th March Parc des Princes
Juventus v Atl Madrid Tues 12th March Juventus Stadium
Man City v Schalke 04 Tues 12th March The Etihad
Barcelona v Lyon Wed 13th March Camp Nou
B Munich v Liverpool Wed 13th March Allianz Arena

Quarter Finals

Fixture  Date & TimeStadium
Liverpool v FC Porto Tues 9th April Anfield
Tottenham v Man City Tues 9th April Tottenham Stadium
Ajax v Juventus Weds 10th April Amsterdam Arena
Man United v Barcelona Weds 10th April Old Trafford
Barcelona v Man United Tues 16th April Camp Nou
Juventus v Ajax Tues 16th April Juventus Stadium
FC Porto v Liverpool Weds 17th April Estádio do Dragão
Man City v Tottenham Weds 17th April The Etihad

Semi Finals

Fixture  Date & TimeStadium
Barcelona v Liverpool Tues 30th April Camp Nou
Tottenham v Ajax Tues 30th April Tottenham Stadium
Ajax v Tottenham Tues 7th May Amsterdam Arena
Liverpool v Barcelona Tues 7th May Anfield

2019 Champions League Final

Fixture  Date & TimeStadium
Liverpool v Tottenham Sat 1st June Wanda Metropolitano