How To Get Liverpool FC Tickets If Not A Member

liverpool fc nfc match ticketFans of Premier League football will doubtless be pleased with how many games get shown on television. The problem is, in order to watch all of them you need to have subscriptions to countless different services, including Sky Sports, BT Sport and Amazon at the time of writing. Even then, if a match is taking place at 3pm on a Saturday then you’ll miss out. The only way to ensure that you’ll see the action is to be at the ground where the game is taking place.

Of course, knowing you need to be at a ground is one thing, but figuring out how to get tickets can be something else entirely. Whilst it isn’t necessarily all that difficult if you’re hoping to see a team that doesn’t usually sell out for its games, as soon as you start trying to go to the stadium of a team that is immensely popular, things become a lot more tricky. Liverpool Football Club are one of the world’s most popular teams, with most games selling out well in advance of kick-off. With that in mind, how, exactly, can you get tickets to see the Reds play?

Find Tickets at Ticket Compare

There are multiple websites that re-sell unwanted tickets from fans. Rather than checking them all one by one you can see an overview of what's available via the Ticket Compare website. Tickets are normally available for both home and away matches.

Directly From The Club

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The first place to start when it comes to Liverpool tickets is by heading straight to the source. The club itself will always be the main point of contact when it comes to getting tickets, thought don’t expect it to be an easy process.

There are a number of sales channels that Liverpool offer supporters, with each one offering its own difficulties. The most reliable way to get tickets for games is by having a season ticket, but the season ticket waiting list has been closed for years and is unlikely to re-open any time soon.

Buying Tickets From Re-Sale / Third-Party Websites

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If a Liverpool supporter has a ticket already, they can transfer that ticket to listed family and friends, up to ten people already listed in their members accounts. Alternatively, the ticket can be sold through the club for face value and is then resold through official channels.

That isn’t much use if you are unlikely to get a ticket through those channels and so you may consider a third-party reseller. The re-sale market can be a minefield and there are plenty of stories of people buying tickets who never end up getting them or if they do the tickets can be fraudulent.

Therefore, if you want to buy a ticket third-party you should check the authenticity of the seller and that they are trusted. One way to do that is to use a reputable third-party comparison site that only list trusted retailers.

You are always going to pay more than face value for a re-sale ticket but in a lot of cases the mark up is not as big as you might imagine. Yes, we’ve heard stories that a Champions League final ticket will cost you £1000’s on sites like this, and that is true, but you can pick up tickets to normal games with much lower mark ups.

A site that we recommend for that purpose is Ticket Compare. They act as a marketplace and pre-screen all resale sites that they list. This can allow you to make more informed decisions as to where to buy if you choose this route.

Being A Member

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As an alternative to season tickets, Liverpool released a Members scheme. Priority for ticket sales go to Members, with Bulk Member Sales taking place in July and November. At this point, Members can register their interest to attend the games that are on offer. A ballot is then held, deciding which Members will get to go to the games. As the matches draw closer, there are additional sales for tickets that have been returned to the club, which involves going online at a specific time and being placed in a queue.

If you’re lucky, you’ll be close enough to the front of the queue to buy a ticket, but bear in mind that every Member is able to enter both the ballot and the queue for the additional sales. There are two types of Membership for Liverpool Football Club, which are as follows:

  • Being an Official Member
  • Being a Light Member

Official Membership costs £39.99 for UK citizens, £39.99 for Europeans and £43.99 for anyone else, at the time of writing. As part of that, you get a welcome package that includes a badge and a drinking mug, as well as discounts on official club things such as merchandise or Anfield tours. Light Membership costs £26.99 and doesn’t come with the merchandise discount, badge and so on.

The problem with Memberships is that anyone that is willing to pay the money can get one, so there is no limit to how many people are Members. This means that the demand for tickets during the sales far outstrips the supply on offer. When you do manage to buy a ticket, you get what is known as a ‘credit’ for doing so. Only those with 13+ credits are guaranteed tickets, whilst if you can’t attend the match for whatever reason then you’ll lose your credit. Building up enough credits is nearly impossible for most people.

There are additional Members sales for Locals who live in an L postcode, whilst if you want to attend away games then you’ll need to have a specific number of Premier League away games that you’ve attended in the past. Things work slightly differently in the cup competitions, but it is still difficult to meet the criteria set by the club to be able to go to matches. In a lot of cases, the way to be able to go to games is by having been to games in the past, even though getting tickets for those games means you need to have been to other games.

Non-Member Options

liverpool supporter this is anfield scarfAfter the sales to Members, a limited number of tickets will be put on sale for locals, as mentioned above. After that, any tickets left will be put on General Sale, which means that anyone can apply to buy them. They are just as difficult to buy, of course, because there are so many people trying to get hold of them, but if you don’t want to spend money on Memberships and don’t live locally then it is pretty much the only option open to you that won’t see the cost of trying to get tickets shoot up exponentially.

When it comes to Premier League games, tickets are usually allocated to Season Ticket Holders and then Members, so the likelihood of any going on General Sale is slim. The same is true of cup games, though there is at least a slightly increased likelihood of tickets for the early rounds of the FA Cup and League Cup heading to General Sale. This information is usually published on Liverpool’s homepage, but remember that you’ll need to be ready to act quickly if you’re hoping to take advantage of such a sale.

Official Matchday Breaks

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If you are particularly keen to attend a Liverpool match and are willing to spend money to do so, opting for an Official Matchday Break is one method that you can consider. These are tickets sold by companies that the club officially approves of, allowing you to pay for your match day ticket as well as travel to and from the ground all for one price. This type of ticket usually includes some sort of hospitality package, but is different from buying a hospitality ticket directly from the club, which is something that we’ll cover shortly.

As you might imagine, such tickets are more expensive than just a regular match ticket on the Kop or in the Main Stand. What you need to bear in mind, though, is that your travel is often included, as might be a hotel stay in the city. There is usually a wide-range of hotels available that cater to most budgets, but make sure that you’re taking up a package with an official seller rather than a company that offers you tickets that might not be real when you actually get to the ground. Sadly, such events are common nowadays.

Hospitality Tickets


The most sure-fire way of attending a match at Anfield is by buying a hospitality package. These are not cheap, but the availability is usually pretty good for exactly that reason. There are numerous different hospitality ticket types available, so here’s a look at some of them:

The Hilton

This type of package sees guests enjoy a drink and a bite to eat at The Hilton hotel near the Albert Docks in the city centre. About two hours before kick-off, guests get onto a coach and are transported to the ground for their match ticket in the Anfield Road Stand. After the match, coaches take people back to the ground.

Sevens Lounge

Liverpool have enjoyed some talented number 7s over the years, none more so than Sir Kenny Dalglish. This ticket gives you access to the Sevens Lounge about three hours before kick-off, giving you the chance to enjoy a three-course meal and access to the cash bar. Your ticket for the match will be in the Kop End of the Lower Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand.

Premier Club

Enter the stadium via the Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand Reception, then spend time in either the Shankly Suite or the Paisley Suite. A hot and cold buffet offers food options, whilst your ticket for the match is in the Upper Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand.

Carlsberg Dugout

As well as a match ticket in the far wing section of the middle tier of the Main Stand, a Carlsberg Dugout ticket offers complimentary street food stalls and half-time refreshments such as pre-poured beers. A former Liverpool player will pop in, but remember that this gets busy so seating can’t be guaranteed.

1892 Lounge

If you want to get one of the best views in the stadium then a hospitality ticket to the 1892 Lounge might well be the place to go. The seats are in the Main Stand, right next to the Director’s Box, with a three-course menu on offer. Complimentary beers, wines and soft drinks ensure you’re refreshed and you get a matchday gift too.

The above list is far from exhaustive, but it gives you a taste of the sort of match day hospitality available for those that want to all but guarantee themselves a ticket to a Liverpool home game.

Ticket Prices

TierLocationAdult PriceConcession PriceJunior PriceYoung Adult Price
1 Main Stand 59 44 9 29.5
2 Sir Kenny Dalglish / Main 57 43 9 28.5
3 Sir Kenny Dalglish / Main 55 41 9 27.5
4 Anfield Road Upper / Sir Kenny Dalglish / Main 53 40 9 26.5
5 Anfield Road 48 36 9 24
6 Anfield Road 47 35 9 23.5
7 Anfield Road Lower / Main 46 34.5 9 23
8 Kop 43 32 9 21.5
9 Kop 42 31.5 9 21
10 Kop 39 29 9 19.5
11 Kop 37 28 9 18.5
12 Main Stand Upper 9 9 9 9

When it comes to getting your hands on a ticket, one of the first things you’ll want to do is to ensure that you’re paying the correct price for it. At Anfield, tickets are put into different tiers, depending on where it is that you’re going to be sitting for the match. The age of the person buying the ticket will also dictate its cost, but bear in mind that you’ll need to buy the correct ticket for the age that you actually are. Here are the prices as they were for the 2022-2023 campaign:

Obviously these prices are subject to change and they will be different for the likes of cup games and Champions League fixtures, but it does at least offer you some sense of how much you’re likely to pay for your tickets. If you’re wondering how it can be different prices for the same area of the ground, such as the Kop, a good rule of thumb is that the better the view you’ll get, the more you’re going to pay for your tickets. The £9 tickets are only available to Local supporters with an L postcode.

Disabled Supporters

man in wheelchair holding footballIf you are disabled and you want to buy tickets for Liverpool matches, things work slightly differently. The access at Anfield is generally good, depending on where you’re buying tickets for. Disabled supporters need to register as such with the club, providing proof of their disability in the form of something such as a doctor’s letter or proof of being in receipt of the Personal Independence Payment. If you require an assistant, they are able to attend the game for free when the ticket is bought from the club directly.

The Liverpool Disabled Supporters Association, often referred to by the acronym LDSA, is officially linked to the club and provides and excellent resource to disabled supporters. If you need to be able to get close to the ground in a vehicle to be dropped off, for example, the LDSA can give you information such as where to be dropped off and whether you need to give a password to the police or stewards in order to get your vehicle closer to the ground than if you were just any other fan driving towards the stadium.