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Welcome to We are a guide website to football grounds and stadiums in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. From the biggest Premier League stadiums to the National League, from England to Estonia, from 100,000 seater stadiums to 100 seater grounds it is our aim to give you all the information you will need whatever level of football you want to watch.

Our guides are packed with up to date information and statistics whether you're visiting a ground or just after some details about football stadiums in general. Going to the game or visiting the ground? Then find out where and how to get tickets, how to get to stadiums, where to park, local hotels and pubs, seating plans, facilities and more.

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  • UK Football Stadiums - Whatever your club then we've got you covered with our comprehensive stadium guides. Here you can find out about amateur league clubs as well as the professional football clubs in the England, Scotland and Wales. If you've drawn a team in the Cup and you don't have a clue about them, where they are or how to get there then we've got your back. We cover every UK football stadium in the Premier League, Championship, League One, League Two, the National League (including North and South Divisions), The Scottish Premier League, Scottish Championship and Scottish league One and Two.
  • National Stadiums - If you are traveling abroad following your club or country or just visiting a capital city and fancy a trip to the national ground then you will get all the information you need here too. We also have special features for the top events and games from the FA Cup and Champions League final to the European Championships and World Cup to make sure you've got all the material you need to get tickets and get to the game.
  • Europe and the Rest of the World - We know that following football takes you all around the world whether you follow a club in person or from your favourite armchair. You will never sit in front of the TV or watch a draw for a major club or international tournament in ignorance again as at F-S we've also got detailed guides to major European and World Leagues Including: Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, Brazilain Serie A, French Ligue 1, German Bundesliga, Belgian Pro League, Dutch Eredivsie, Greek Superleague, Russian Premier League, United States Major League Soccor, Turkish Super Lig, Portugese Primeria Liga, Argentinian Primeria Division, Scandinavian Leagues and many many many more.
  • Stadium Statistics - Our site is not just about individual stadium guides we also have an almost inexhaustive list of stadium stats and features. Using our stadium statistics comparison tables, you will find out practical information such as how much tickets and season tickets cost (adult, child and concession), the cost of a programme or pie, stadium phone numbers, owners, sponsor, addresses and more. If your after some trivia we also cover record and average attendances, ground nicknames, pitch sizes, year the stadium opened, first ever fixture and many more. You will never lose a debate with your mates again.
  • Club Statistics - A stadium has no heart without a great football club to reside in it and great football teams do not exist without great grounds to play in. This is why we also cover all the statistics and features you need to know about each football team hosted at one of our stadiums. Our writers have gathered stats on everything including: shirts sponsors, kit colours, year the club formed, nicknames, rivals, record goalscorers, record appearances, former names and more.
  • Major Club Tournaments - Want to find out a little more about the stadiums your favourite clubs will visit in the FA Cup, League Cup, Champions League, Europa League, Copa America etc., then go no further. Our easy to use system will allow you to follow your club(s) from the first round to the final.
  • Major International Tournaments - Take a look at our special featured events where you will find full guides to all of the stadiums used in the European Championships, World Cup, Copa America, Confederations Cup, Africa Cup of Nations and more. Here you can select your team (e.g. England) and find out what stadiums will host them from the group stages all the way to the final, almost as soon as the draws are made.
  • Reviews and Guides - We have a dedicated team of journalists and writers that have collated the most up to date and useful details about football stadiums worldwide. Between our team we have visited every single ground we list on this site. This means our guides are from firsthand knowledge and experience so you know you are getting a real world perspective on what it is like to visit a football ground from Manchester United to FC United. Our information is updated at least annually with the latest features, developments and prices.
  • Articles - Have you ever wondered why football pitches vary in length and width and what rules govern this or why clubs have different types of grass? What happens to closed stadiums of old or what stadiums did it first (floodlights, under soil heating, two-tiered stands, roofs, etc.) then have a look at our articles. We also cover what happens to footballers when they retire, stadium sponsorship, old tournaments such as the Home Championship, where the word soccer came from and the origins of football in general and much much more. If you have a suggestion for an article contact us and tell us and we will cover it
  • Comments - Have you visited a stadium and want to share your experiences with us? Why not comment at the end of you’re the stadium guide and help others get the best form their visits. If you think our information needs updating, such as a club putting up the price of a beer then please tell us for the benefit of others. Each month we will also be giving prizes to the authors of the best and most useful comments.

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We created because we wanted a consistent means to compare and contrast the best stadiums from all over the world. Our team of devoted writers go to watch football matches regularly and support a variety of clubs and country's; between us we have visited literally thousands of stadiums around the world. Many of us have found however that when it comes to finding out information about football ground that this can be very hit and miss. It is our mission to create a resource that focuses around the supporter and visitor giving you all the necessary details to get the most out of any stadium visit.

Our fastidious approach to all football grounds from the biggest to the smallest means that you can rely on our site whether you're visiting Liverpool at Anfield or Aldershot at the Recreation Ground. We have collected statistics and information that lets you compare any football clubs and stadiums whether your just after trivia or want to find the cheapest tickets.

If you visit many football stadiums on a regular basis and would like to join our team then get in touch. We are always looking for passionate supporters who want to tell the story of their favourite clubs and stadiums they visit.