Champions League 2019-20 Stadiums and Fixtures

In one of the strangest seasons since football began the entire Champions League was canceled in mid-March right in the middle of the last 16 stage due the lockdown induced by the corona virus pandemic.

The competition did not resume until August and once the remaining last 16 legs were played the quater-finals onward were all played as single legs over a two week period, all matches held in Lisbon at Benfica's Estadio da Luz and Sporting Lisbon's Esadio Jose Alvalde behind closed doors.

Man City were expected to win the title this year but faltered unexpectedly against mid-table French side Lyon in the quarters.  Bayern Munich went on to win their 6th crown beating PSG in the final that was termed 'old money vs new money'.

Below is a list of the fixtures and stadiums used for the 2018-2019 Champions League.

Group A

Fixture  DateStadium
Club Brugge v Galatasaray Weds 18th Sept Jan Breydel Stadium
PSG v Real Madrid Weds 18th Sept Parc des Princes
Real Madrid v Club Brugge Tues 1st Oct Bernabéu
Galatasaray v PSG Tues 1st Oct Türk Telekom Stadium
Club Brugge v PSG Tues 22nd Oct Jan Breydel Stadium
Galatasaray v Real Madrid Tues 22nd Oct Türk Telekom Stadium
Real Madrid v Galatasaray Weds 6th Nov Bernabéu
PSG v Club Brugge Weds 6th Nov Parc des Princes
Galatasaray v Club Brugge Tues 26th Nov Türk Telekom Stadium
Real Madrid v PSG Tues 26th Nov Bernabéu
Club Brugge v Real Madrid Weds 11th Dec Jan Breydel Stadium
PSG v Galatasaray Weds 11th Dec Parc des Princes

Group B

Fixture  DateStadium
Olympiacos v Tottenham Weds 18th Sept Georgios Karaiskakis Stadium
B Munich v Red Star Weds 18th Sept Allianz Arena
Tottenham v B Munich Tues 1st Oct Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Red Star v Olympiacos Tues 1st Oct Rajko Mitić Stadium
Tottenham v Red Star Tues 22nd Oct Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Olympiacos v B Munich Tues 22nd Oct Georgios Karaiskakis Stadium
B Munich v Olympiacos Weds 6th Nov Allianz Arena
Red Star v Tottenham Weds 6th Nov Rajko Mitić Stadium
Tottenham v Olympiacos Tues 26th Nov Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Red Star v B Munich Tues 26th Nov Rajko Mitić Stadium
Olympiacos v Red Star Weds 11th Dec Georgios Karaiskakis Stadium
B Munich v Tottenham Weds 11th Dec Allianz Arena

Group C

Fixture  DateStadium
Shaktar v Man City Weds 18th Sept Metalist Stadium
D Zagreb v Atalanta Weds 18th Sept Stadion Maksimir
Atalanta v Shaktar Tues 1st Oct Stadio Atleti Azzurri d'Italia
Man City v D Zagreb Tues 1st Oct The Etihad
Shaktar v D Zagreb Tues 22nd Oct Metalist Stadium
Man City v Atalanta Tues 22nd Oct The Etihad
Atalanta v Man City Weds 6th Nov Stadio Atleti Azzurri d'Italia
D Zagreb v Shaktar Weds 6th Nov Stadion Maksimir
Man City v Shaktar Tues 26th Nov The Etihad
Atalanta v D Zagreb Tues 26th Nov Stadio Atleti Azzurri d'Italia
D Zagreb v Man City Weds 11th Dec Stadion Maksimir
Shaktar v Atalanta Weds 11th Dec Metalist Stadium

Group D

Fixture  DateStadium
Atl Madrid v Juventus Weds 18th Sept Wanda Metropolitano
Leverkusen v Locomotiv Weds 18th Sept Bay Arena
Juventus v Leverkusen Tues 1st Oct Juventus Stadium
Locomotiv v Atl Madrid Tues 1st Oct RZD Arena
Atl Madrid v Leverkusen Tues 22nd Oct Wanda Metropolitano
Juventus v Locomotiv Tues 22nd Oct Juventus Stadium
Locomotiv v Juventus Weds 6th Nov RZD Arena
Leverkusen v Atl Madrid Weds 6th Nov Bay Arena
Locomotiv v Leverkusen Tues 26th Nov RZD Arena
Juventus v Atl Madrid Tues 26th Nov Juventus Stadium
Atl Madrid v Locomotiv Weds 11th Dec Wanda Metropolitano
Leverkusen v Juventus Weds 11th Dec Bay Arena

Group E

Fixture  DateStadium
RB Salzburg v Genk Tues 17th Sept Red Bull Arena
Napoli v Liverpool Tues 17th Sept Stadio San Paolo
Genk v Napoli Weds 2nd Oct Luminus Arena
Liverpool v RB Salzburg Weds 2nd Oct Anfield
Genk v Liverpool Weds 23rd Oct Luminus Arena
RB Salzburg v Napoli Weds 23rd Oct Red Bull Arena
Liverpool v Genk Tues 5th Nov Anfield
Napoli v RB Salzburg Tues 5th Nov Stadio San Paolo
Genk v RB Salzburg Weds 27th Nov Luminus Arena
Liverpool v Napoli Weds 27th Nov Anfield
RB Salzburg v Liverpool Tues 10th Dec Red Bull Arena
Napoli v Genk Tues 10th Dec Stadio San Paolo

Group F

Fixture  DateStadium
Inter Milan v S Prague Tues 17th Sept San Siro
B Dortmund v Barcelona Tues 17th Sept Signal Iduna Park
S Prague v B Dortmund Weds 2nd Oct Sinobo Stadium
Barcelona v Inter Milan Weds 2nd Oct Camp Nou
S Prague v Barcelona Weds 23rd Oct Sinobo Stadium
Inter Milan v B Dortmund Weds 23rd Oct San Siro
Barcelona v S Prague Tues 5th Nov Camp Nou
B Dortmund v Inter Milan Tues 5th Nov Signal Iduna Park
S Prague v Inter Milan Weds 27th Nov Sinobo Stadium
Barcelona v B Dortmund Weds 27th Nov Camp Nou
Inter Milan v Barcelona Tues 10th Dec San Siro
B Dortmund v S Prague Tues 10th Dec Signal Iduna Park

Group G

Fixture  DateStadium
Lyon v Zenit Tues 17th Sept Stade des Lumieres
Benfica v RB Leipzig Tues 17th Sept Estadio da Luz
Zenit v Benfica Weds 2nd Oct Krestovsky Stadium
RB Leipzig v Lyon Weds 2nd Oct Red Bull Arena Leipzig
RB Leipzig v Zenit Weds 23rd Oct Red Bull Arena Leipzig
Benfica v Lyon Weds 23rd Oct Estadio da Luz
Zenit v RB Leipzig Tues 5th Nov Krestovsky Stadium
Lyon v Benfica Tues 5th Nov Stade des Lumieres
Zenit v Lyon Weds 27th Nov Krestovsky Stadium
RB Leipzig v Benfica Weds 27th Nov Red Bull Arena Leipzig
Benfica v Zenit Tues 10th Dec Estadio da Luz
Lyon v RB Leipzig Tues 10th Dec Stade des Lumieres

Group H

Fixture  DateStadium
Ajax v Lille Tues 17th Sept Amsterdam Arena
Chelsea v Valencia Tues 17th Sept Stamford Bridge
Valencia v Ajax Weds 2nd Oct The Mestalla
Lille v Chelsea Weds 2nd Oct Stade Pierre-Mauroy
Ajax v Chelsea Weds 23rd Oct Amsterdam Arena
Lille v Valencia Weds 23rd Oct Stade Pierre-Mauroy
Valencia v Lille Tues 5th Nov The Mestalla
Chelsea v Ajax Tues 5th Nov Stamford Bridge
Valencia v Chelsea Weds 27th Nov The Mestalla
Lille v Ajax Weds 27th Nov Stade Pierre-Mauroy
Ajax v Valencia Tues 10th Dec Amsterdam Arena
Chelsea v Lille Tues 10th Dec Stamford Bridge

Round of 16

Fixture  Date & TimeStadium
Atl Madrid v Liverpool Tues 18th Feb Wanda Metropolitano
B Dortmund v PSG Tues 18th Feb Signal Iduna Park
Atalanta v Valencia Wed 19th Feb Stadio Atleti Azzurri d'Italia
Tottenham v RB Leipzig Wed 19th Feb Tottenham Stadium
Chelsea v B Munich Tues 25th Feb Stamford Bridge
Napoli v Barcelona Tues 25th Feb Stadio San Paolo
Real Madrid v Man City Wed 26th Feb Bernabéu
Lyon v Juventus Wed 26th Feb Stade des Lumieres
RB Leipzig v Tottenham Tues 10th March Red Bull Arena Leipzig
Valencia v Atalanta Tues 10th March The Mestalla
Liverpool v Atl Madrid Wed 11th March Anfield
PSG v B Dortmund Wed 11th March Parc des Princes
Juventus v Lyon Fri 7th Aug Juventus Stadium
Man City v Real Madrid Fri 7th Aug The Etihad
Barcelona v Napoli Sat 8th Aug Camp Nou
B Munich v Chelsea Sat 8th Aug Allianz Arena

Quarter Finals

Fixture  Date & TimeStadium
Atalanta v PSG Wed 12th Aug Estadio da Luz
RB Leipzig v Atl Madrid Thurs 13th Aug Esadio Jose Alvalde
Barcelona v B Munich Fri 14th Aug Estadio da Luz
Man City v Lyon Sat 15th Aug Esadio Jose Alvalde

Semi Finals

Fixture  Date & TimeStadium
PSG v RB Leipzig Tues 18th Aug Estadio da Luz
B Munich v Lyon Wed 19th Aug Esadio Jose Alvalde

2020 Champions League Final

Fixture  Date & TimeStadium
PSG v B Munich Sun 23d Aug Estadio da Luz